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My neighbor has a pallet of triticale and is going to use it for a cover crop for alfalfa. i can get a bit from him. I passed some sunflower seed on to him (thanks, Tom).

any experience or suggestions with tritical versus rye?
I'm planning on trying spring triticale as a nurse crop for alfalfa this spring also. Never heard of before this year...The guy I buy my seed from tried it him self 2 years ago and said he liked it. So I thought I would give it a try. ( really only care about the alfalfa) he said the deer ate it and was middle of the road on protein. He is a pretty stand up guy for a salesman. He delivers my seed right into my garage. Can't beat that service.
sandbur, we tried it on our place as part of a mix, it was the primary cereal component of the mix along with some oats. We didn't notice any difference in the usage compared to rye, which was our go-to cereal most of the time. I seemed a bit leafier than rye, it grew just as well and the deer ate it just the same. As far as the soil benefits, I can't really say personally, but most things I have read say it is a lot less allelopathic than rye when suppressing weeds, and it doesn't mine nutrients as well either(all those properties I would imagine are due to the wheat component of the hybrid). That said, free seed that deer will use just as well as seed you pay for, is a no brainer. Looks like it's triticale trial time at the sandbur farm!
Winter or spring triticale?
My neighbor did not know the answer to that, but we could check the label on the bags.
I believe my neighbor will be seeding 9 acres of my land to Tritcal/alfalfa this spring. Free trial!
I know you don't use trail camera's anymore, but it might be kind of fun to put one up on that new plot and watch the progress and usage.
I believe my neighbor will be seeding 9 acres of my land to Tritcal/alfalfa this spring. Free trial!

Always nice when it is free.
Is that going on the chunk of ground towards the south (think its south) edge of your place Art?

BTW - I confirmed your corn was still standing with Mike S. :D
My neighbor brought me a load of dairy pit manure. He walked out in that field and decided there was too much corn left to run over. Most of it will stand another year. He took the load of pit to the back field and got stuck about where you pruned that last tree during the QHMG meet.. He had to unload-I hope it does not kill those apples.
They probably did not need those fruit tree spikes!

We hope to put MDHA corn and beans back there this year.

yes that alfalfa is going on the ground to the south. I do not need a camera there to evaluate usage. Everybody in the area will evaluate it. But it should help hold some deer. It will also mean a few deer shot off of the road, I fear.
They only use oats for a cover crop around here if they do at all. Most are direct seeding in August Now! But You can sell the grain and the oat straw for big money if you get a good crop. Is the only reason you are using Tritacale, its free? Not that that is a bad reason! You could make some money with the oat crop if done right with enough acres.
You are right about why I use it, John.

Sometimes my neighbor just saves me a bit of seed for me to try in some odd corner. Nothing for profit, but just to see how it grows and if the deer use it.
Looked at the clients meadow this am....50 trit and 20 rye....trit favors larger leaf size and later maturity than elbon rye. I would blend the 2...heavier on rye for a straight plot or soil improvement....heavier on trit for grazing and hay.

AWP, hairy vetch and arrow leaf did great in rye up 5' tall.

Wheat seems to be petering out this spring again....hardiness of wheat I question....done with it!
Does elbon rye= field run winter rye?
Elbon rye is just a named variety of winter cereal rye that was first developed and released by the Oklahoma Agriculture Experiment Station and the Noble Foundation. Excellent winter growth in regions where that is possible(not you bur;)) and matures 2 weeks earlier than Abruzzi rye.