Tree looks familiar but I can't ID it

I like my mulberry trees. I also enjoy squirrel hunting. The squirrels are nutty in those trees all September.

Was a little excited, a small seedling was growing in the feet of my old orchard apple tree. Found out next year it was a mulberry.

Think I have to cut a sawtooth oak this winter. About 15ft tall. It's going to shade my double rows of apple trees in a few years. Got a mulberry tree I need to tame down on the west side of the apple rows too.


I would leave about 5 or 6 of the mulberry's for treestands for bow season. Maybe 2 or 3 on the NE and 2 or 3 on the NW. Got a choice in the wind. MAybe leave a line of brush on north, so it acts like a a run of cover for deer to travel through. Like 15-20ft wide strip
We don’t usually hunt that 160 acres in a few years when a smallish planting takes off that may change things. I can literally see the entire 160 from my shooting benches it’s very open as is almost all the ground around it. I do occasionally see deer on it in the daylight hours but that’s pretty rare. Yellow is that 160 red is my smallish planting mostly Nuttall oaks, sawtooth oaks and a few pear seedlings in hopes of getting an area on that 160 to hunt a bit someday between the row crop fields on either side of it. It’s probably our best farm ground but our worst hunting ground.


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