Tractor Thread


5 year old buck +

Working up the "garden" with the middle buster.
I wish my plot was dry enough to start doing some work.
looks good, we had 5.6 inches of rain last Wednesday and drying time is gonna take a while, nice tractor.
way too wet here to do anything. i can't even get to one of my food plots because the 2 trails leading to it are under about 9 inches of water. rain in the forecast all week too.

love those series of deere's. great value and perfect for food plots. i have the 3032 which is a bit bigger but has a lot less bells and whistles. looks like it's doing a great job with that subsoiler.
I hit this spot with my three point tiller Saturday before the rain. I forgot to take a picture :rolleyes:

It was a little muddy but not too bad. As you tell from picture above this is on a ridge top that starts to drops away pretty good at the tree line where the birch is growing.