Tools...cordless...give some technology feedback

I've been very pleased with the performance and durability of my Ridgid cordless tools. Free replacement batteries for life is a nice perk too.
The company I work for now and the last one have all been switching to Milwaukee cordless tools. The batteries last, they charge quick and the tool takes quite a beating. I used to burn up Dewalt batteries and drills all the time.
I picked up a 20 volt Dewalt. I don't use it daily but the battery went an hour driving deck screws which was plenty of time for the back up battery to charge. Amazing the difference in weight with the 20V vs 18V.

I was skeptical it would hold up as everything is smaller, battery included. I'm not skeptical anymore.
Personally I have had very good luck with DeWalt, my brother does construction and only uses DeWalt or Milwaukee.
15 years ago DeWalt was the king of the mountain. Today, they're not building hand tools with the same quality.
Mine are all DeWalt 18 volt. I can't complain on them. Use Milwaukee at work. Both are great.
I brutalized the 1/4" impact driver I have. Smoking, too hot to touch, kept swapping batteries as fast as it'd kill them while augering 3/4" holes in green oak, maple, and aspen 4-6" deep. It still worked when I brought it in to get sent for warranty. They replaced the output bearings free. Works and sounds like new again. :)
I don't use mine to earn a living - just weekend projects, but I use DeWalt - The biggest thing I have noticed is to have at least two batteries so one sits on the charger, while I'm running the other one. I bought mine as a kit with a circular saw, hammer drill, light, and recip saw with 2 batteries and changin station. All fits in a plastic case - wasn't cheap, but has been money well spent on my part.
We have a Milwaukee cordless drill and it's great. From what I understand, the higher cost is related to the battery style. I'm amazed at how long we can work on one charge. We have some lower cost cordless drills in the assembly area of the company I work for and they can't hold a candle to the battery life on the Milwaukee.
I assume you want good advice. Here it is: Milwaukee
I've owned a fleet of 18 volt dewalt tools for about 20 years. Had a few batteries that lost it two years ago.....but the tools are going strong. I have thee drills, A circle saw, a sawzall, and a radio :rolleyes: Three chargers and five? Or so Batteries. Not sure how I lived without them.

The new batteries sure are light, but don't lasts long.
My dad bought the new lithium Milwaukee cordless. I can't believe the power that thing has. We have mostly Dewalt and have had really good luck with them. I really like that Milwaukee though.