Three bucks working the same trail


5 year old buck +
My old D-55 camera no longer flashes at night, but I'm still getting some daylight pictures so I leave it out. I thought this was a cool sequence of pictures. 3 bucks with their nose to the ground on the same day and the bucks keep on getting bigger.

Something went through an hour before the first picture but it is too dark to make out any detail, can really just see a tail.

The time is an hour fast because I didn't reset any my of cameras yet.

This guy looks to be a 11 point. What age do you guys think 3 1/2?

Nice deer
2 beauties and an up and comer, nice work kabic. If you can keep them safe on your place during the invasion, those 2 big boys will be something to talk about next season for sure.
Nice cam set. The hunt is on in more ways then one.
Moving during the middle of the day too.