This is why I hunt and fish

It's been going on for a long time. I work in a cheese processing plant. There is vey little real cheese going into the products, most are chemicals of some sort. NF is right about the fiber, myself I like oak.
Am I the last one to the table on this?
True stuff
Fast approaching soylent green.

I remember that movie. It was some way out stuff back in the day. But you never know it may happen.
ahh... I work in the food industry to. This is THE MOST common substance on earth. It's a sugar. It provides fiber. It's 100 percent safe and there is NOTHING wrong with eating it. It's used for anti caking. I have cook books that show storing salted fish in wood fiber.. back in the old days people would pack frozen foods in wood chips... I can honestly say if anyone thinks this unsafe than you have NO IDEA what food science is about. Trust me there are scary things in the food industry this is FAR and I mean FAR and AWAY one of them.

You want to talk about AMR.. advanced meat recovery and what goes into the hamburger you buy in the grocery story. let's have that discussion. Cellulose... safe.
Fast approaching soylent green.
There were other colors. Red and yellow I think. It's the green you want to stay away from.