this buck was shot about a half hour from me

Cool deal. Good for that young man. Awesome deer!
Great deer......and good story.
His hunting will never be the same now.
very nice deer and nice story. I bet he keeps hunting, sounds like he and his dad have quite the bond.
I feel bad for that kid. He has no where to go but down from there!;)
WOW thats a bigN
He an my boy share the same name "Kellen"
Gotta disagree, Mo. I've shot some big ones ( for Pa. mtns. - 115 to 130 ) and I still get juiced every fall. I doubt I'll ever top my biggest 10 pt., but each hunt has it's own rewards. To those who only judge success or fun by rack size, I think they're missing something. AND - teaching my sons about the outdoors, being there to see them take their first bucks - that was as thrilling as any deer I've shot. Hopefully that kid gets to experience the same thrill. I'll bet he becomes an addict now. Congrats to him !!!
My brother had a similar thing happen to him with his first deer. I like to never heard the end of it. How easy deer hunting was and how anyone can do it and why haven't I gotten a nice deer. Well, its been over a decade now and the shoe is on the other foot. Sure I still have not taken a buck like he has, but I have taken far more deer and on a consistent basis. He has realized there is a difference between being lucky and being well .......consistent.

Seeing deer like that taken in your general area is tough. You wish it was your harvest, but you are seeing that they are out there. As long as the kid did it the righ way - good for him.