The WI mortality report has been updated


5 year old buck +
I do not think the sample size is statistically valid but it is interesting to read. Basically you can conclude what we already know a) habitat matters b) do your best to control predators c) don't shoot every doe out in the woods.

1) I think the biggest failing is that with such a small sample is that the Northern deer might not have been close to a wolf pack at all and the kills by wolves would have been higher.

2) To suggest all areas in the East have great habitat is misleading.
Is any info posted on the dnrs website? This is really interesting.
But can you belive all the DNR tells us?????????
But can you belive all the DNR tells us?????????

Exactly. The DNR tells us that the bobcat population is at an all time low in the Northwoods with very few bobcat tags available up North but in this study they are telling you that the bobcat is one of the major pedators on fawns. My guess is that a lot of the kills were wolf and other predators cleaned up the kill sites.

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