The Milo plot:


5 year old buck +
Just wanted to show you guys our milo plot. Hope to provide good cover for the deer and some draw for quail.

Ready to plant:

Mid growth:

End of July, just starting to head out. Used a roller to make some paths through it. Once the crushed plants dry out a little I'm going to plant winter wheat, winter rye, and some brassica's in the paths.

View of the path from the tree stand:

This is a plot that my kids and assorted friends (that don't have access to their own land) hunt. I like to hunt it also:) It sets less than .25 mile from the house and is an easy walk for the little ones.
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Looks like a great place for the quail!
Do the deer browse milo at some point or no?
They leave our plants alone, and don't start on the heads until they hit the doughy stage.
When planting Milo, what form of weed control do you use so the plot isn't over run with other grasses?
We have a ton of grass; mostly Foxtail and Johnson grass. To fight it we only plant milo once in a while. The plot spends the rest of the time as a fall plot only so that we can use the spring and summer spraying and discing. Going to plant Round up Ready beans in it next yr. so we can keep it sprayed.
MoBuck, what is the cost of those chemicals compared to gly?
Thats some great cover! Do you have many quail?
We hardly see any quail anymore.
We don't have nearly as many as we use to. Quit shooting them when coveys dropped to 12 birds or less. Now my kids are big enough to start hunting them so we are putting forth a little extra effort to something other than just deer and doves.
Gotcha, Will any of those three pre's keep Johnson grass at bay? If it works it would be worth some $$$. We spray gly several times a yr because of the Johnson grass...
Thanks for the info and advice. We change our plans from time to time (based on failed crops and whatnot associated with rain or lack of) so having a residual might not be in our best interest. The Johnson grass is the only weed we really care about controlling and what we are doing does pretty well, but I'm always open to suggestions for something better.
Cool plot. I like the creativity! I planted milo for the first time this yr... The stuff grows easy and provides great cover! I like it! I put patches among several of my plots that I plan to tuck a couple ground blinds into!