Switchgrass growth pattern question


Does switchgrass continue to grow in height after it produces seed? I have switchgrass that is starting to produce seed heads and I am wondering if it will continue to grow or if it is done for the year. I hope it will continue to grow -not hat it hasn't done well for its first full growing season, but I would like for it to be taller. I may have to wait until next year.
I guess what I have seen is it will continue to grow some but not much. I also have some that is starting to show signs of seeds.
How old is the stand and how has you're weather been?

I have had young stands ( first and second year) head out and stop growing short.
I've also had established stands stop short in dry years.
Its a young stand - planted last june. It grew to 40" or so tall end of June. This summer has been a mild one with regular rain thus far. I really didn't figure it would go to seed this soon. I figured it would grow thru july and at least in to august and thus really put on some growth. Usually June, July and August in my area are the hot and humid months (which I figured the switchgrass would love). June and this half of July have been real mild so far. I'm happy with 40" in its first year - I was just surprised to see it forming seed heads in mid July and wasn't sure if this was "normal".
Funny I've never paid much attention to my switch until fall.

I looked and mine is seeding out also. I don't know if that is normal or not.

If not maybe the cold wet early summer we had fooled into thinking fall was coming.

This stand is old, about 4 foot tall now.
Duh, I forgot to post the pic.

Like I said I've had young stands end up short at the end of the growing season. Just never paid attention to exactly when it went to seed. This is 5 plus year old switch and it seeded at about 4 feet.