Still Edibles out there


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check out this puff ball. Don't know if it qualifies as a giant one but it's big and in good eating condition. We'll cook some up tonight.


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Nice find! I didn't even know puffs were out this late. I'd have been scouring my dad's place had I known. I've found dried out puff balls in reliable spots in the past. Although, I never knew what they were back then. I'd give them a good kick and send the spores flying.

I've been contemplating a canon ball run home in the near future, maybe I'll get that done yet.


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There are many down in SE WI right now too. Wood blewits,shaggy manes, and the oysters are everywhere on boxelder trees. We found a huge patch of the pear shaped puffballs last week. I like them better than the giants.