spring tooth harrow question


5 year old buck +
http://lacrosse.craigslist.org/grd/4517999604.html I purchased this spring tooth harrow a couple of weeks ago, does anyone have any experience with one, I also own a groundhog max and spike drag harrow, I guess a guy can't have to many plotting toys. Scoot
I have 2 of them. Easily my favorite ATV plot tool.
You'll really like it.
I have a couple of those I pull one behind the Fourwheeler and two Behind the tractor
thats the nicest looking one i've ever seen......every one i've ever seen is in my favorite color...rust. lol.

i have one and it is the only implement that i have. I only use it every few years to scratch things up a bit.
I took these vids a couple weeks ago tilling up a plot for brassica plantings.
Crappy vids, but hard to drive and video tape behind you at the same time.


That looks like a nice tool. I have one of the tooth style and it doesn't work nearly as well as yours. What does something like that weigh? If I bought one could I fit it in the back of a pickup or do I need a trailer?

Always nice to have options.
Big Lake, looks like it works great, may I ask how you have it hooked up to your atv. Scoot
Depending on the size I picked up 4 today and lifted them into the trailer myself. A pic is in my post "deal of the day".