Sorry Neighbor.


I bought a piece of land in NJ a few years ago. Haven't done much with it unti this past year.

Its in a heavily wooded tract with little ag around. As far as i could find the deer didnt have much once the acorns were gone. Had it logged pretty heavy over the winter. I think things are going to improve on my side of the line.

Here is what the neighbor looks like. Mine used to be park like also in the back section.


What my piece looks like now :)




And the start of a new food plot

Looks like a great start to some awesome deer habitat!
Looks good Bill! Good luck with your new projects. Looks like it's thickened up some already.
Awesome! Cant wait to see this project unfold! Have you put any cams out on this piece yet? Any mineral sites established yet?
Good work!
Looks good the critters will love it.
I love the looks of the new plot
Nice. Looks like you got it going in the right direction.
looking good, where abouts in NJ?
Thanks everyone,

the project is going to take a while to finish. Like its ever finished. :)

Jordan, no cams, mineral sites, nothing yet. Like Mo pointed out its hard to get excited about NJ when I have a farm in MO. But I'm going to try and set something up for the kids in my family.

Currently yes I live here. My living situation is rather odd. Come September I'll be an official resident of Florida again. But my wife and have have grandchildren and most of our family in NJ so we'll always be tied here. I never though I'd have much land in NJ but it had a few circumstances that made it attractive.

My Father in law owns a Land locked 40 that butts up to a small portion of it and I now have the road frontage that leads to his. My son is the only one of his grandchildren that hunt so grandpop is leaving it to him as I will with this piece. The biggest thing was the price. I paid MO prices in NJ which is unheard of. Word of mouth, no realtor involved and out of country owners. I made a cash offer
They said no they were getting a realtor. I told them exclude me in the realtor contract in case he changed his mind.

3 months later I got the call because the owner needed the $.

Salem county, south west NJ along the Delaware.
had me thrown off, doesn't look like northern jersey woods, nor does it look like south, south west woods I haven't spent time in. My plot work is in Hunterdon county, 24 miles from the Delaware on 78. In fact, you can see one of my biggest plots from rt 78, norther side of 78 just east of the power lines.
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don't shoot medium bucks not expecting good ones, they are out here, and will grow if you let em.

shot this one a few years back with the bow.

Its not like it used to be when I was a kid. Back then there were trucks at every wood lot on the weekends. Now if you don't own or lease its not very likely your hunting deer. As for quality the state doesn't care much for large antlers or herd health. But the genetics are sure here.

Oh yes there around. Some local guy kills a toad every year. I actually don't ever see myself shooting an antlered deer in this state. Could happen I know but eh.

Missouri has spoiled me badly. It still tough to kill a mature buck but simply seeing 3 or 4 2 1/2 year olds per sit spoils you.

It's hard for me to even want to hunt it myself. Time will tell, at the very least its a local spot for my son and some nephews to hunt and somewhere close tom to home for me to play in the dirt.