Shoulda Just Went To Bed...


5 year old buck +
"Ban food plots, ban planting trees, ban cutting trees, ban everything my neighbor has that I don't."

"...cause I don't have that where I hunt."

Just read through a sea of anger towards habitat improvers on another toilet site.

Shoulda just went to bed.
What site?
Yeah, I see that on some forums....and they aren't food plots, they are called "bait plots":rolleyes:
Its going to get worse in MN. When you manage for 10 dpsm, it does not take much to 'steal' the neighbors deer.
99% of the hunters don't get what we do. My cousins own a lot of land, more than 1000 acres. They sticky trophy manage. They put in a couple food plots, which are leveled by October due to an overpopulation of deer. They are failing. They pass 130" bucks down, but the deer just don't get bigger. I really belive mature bucks seek out and will relocate to improved habitat as they age. Does don't necessarly need prime habitat, but doe groups will relocate to food sources.
I just don't have any sympathy for these people. There is much much more to it than food plots. All the info is available to these whiners. They don't want to educate themselves or make any additional effort.
Ignore them all SD, these are the same d*#chebag$ that would knock food plotters and then put out a truckload of corn in a baitpile if it were legal.
They need to get off their lazy a$$es and do something about it then instead of whining. A rye/oat plot in the fall is not rocket science, hell it isn't even gardening. I would gladly trade them my hunting areas for their piece of land, and I bet I wouldn't have any trouble at all attracting deer to those parcels during even the first year or 2.
I can't tell if I've stumbled upon the colossally ignorant, or If I'm being baited by a troll. Nothing gets me to come outta the booth more than when someone starts talking about banning habitat improvement to level the playing field for the neighbors. Many of them make it to the agencies and governing bodies that have the authority to implement such silliness. I would love it if every neighbor I had was in an habitat "arms race" with me and everyone else to create the best property around.
SD, you should have posted a link to some of the "roll-out" foodplot...err...baitplot threads. Huge bucks and no fuss, that is apparently what these guys are all about.
SD...those guys are tools ;)

There are some good folks there too, but it certainly seems most of them aren't worth communicating with or attempting to educate.

Yeah that forum will definitely make a guy lose faith in the average MN hunter. I think a little part of me dies every time I post over there.
I like those kind of guys. That way I don't have to worry about competing with them. Makes my improvements even MORE effective.
Worst part is, I know better. I know if I go over there and read, I am going to get p1$$ed. The logical me should shove my head in the sand and just not participate in it. The passionate me wants to get in there in give them guys an education before the ignorant form a mob and head to the voting booth to really screw it up.
Just keep in mind those guys are "internet personas"...Sitting behind a keyboard doesn't bring out the best in lots of folks...especially men after having a few beers :D

I bet we could sit down face to face with most of those dbags and end up having more in common than not. I do think I'd end up curbstomping at least one of them though ;)

Somehow you don't seem like the curb-stomping kind stu. lol :) But, if it's whom I think it is, I would hold your beer and cheer you on. :D
I can't tell if I've stumbled upon the colossally ignorant, or If I'm being baited by a troll....

A troll.
Worst part is, I know better. I know if I go over there and read, I am going to get p1$$ed.
Sooner or later you'll learn then that this is home for you.
Ummmmm....yeah. I wouldn't last long on that site. I thought about getting a log in over there at one time and I'm glad I didn't. After reading the posts on the last 2 pages on that thread, I have come to the conclusion that every smart deer hunter in MN that posts on the internet boards are on this site, the rest are apparently morons. Sorry MN guys, but those idiots posting all that drivel will not be easy to get on your side to back any changes in your DNR's deer management practices, I don't care how many billboards you rent or how great your Power Point presentations look. :(Good luck.
What site?

I think I read these pages twice trying to figure out what site you are talking about??? What did I miss?
Hotspotoutdoors in the deer hunting sub forum
That site is loaded with complete morons.

As said, there is no chance of getting many of them to understsnd the basic problems.