Scored on Some Duntan Chestnut Trees!



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I will take a picture just for you in the morning. I just spent 9 hrs driving and now I am drinking a lot of beer to make up for it!:D
Great deal on the trees!
You can drink a lot of beer for the 400 bucks you saved on the trees!lol
Those are nice tall trees you lucky son of a gun!!!! Ask an you shall receive ehhh! Where you gonna plant them?
Bet they do look good towering out of the tubes! You should have some nuts on those guys next yr I would imagine
I bought 20 potted Dunstan Chestnut trees at Theisens Farm Store in Pella Iowa tonight. 7-9' tall for $10 each! Regular price was $30 each. Saved $400 bucks on a whim! Hahahahaha!

If you have a Theisens in your area and want Dunstans, give them a call. They are dam near giving them away to get rid of them!

Great find and really nice looking trees