Scored on Some Duntan Chestnut Trees!



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I will take a picture just for you in the morning. I just spent 9 hrs driving and now I am drinking a lot of beer to make up for it!:D
Great deal on the trees!
You can drink a lot of beer for the 400 bucks you saved on the trees!lol

Jordan Selsor

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Those are nice tall trees you lucky son of a gun!!!! Ask an you shall receive ehhh! Where you gonna plant them?

Jordan Selsor

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Bet they do look good towering out of the tubes! You should have some nuts on those guys next yr I would imagine


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I bought 20 potted Dunstan Chestnut trees at Theisens Farm Store in Pella Iowa tonight. 7-9' tall for $10 each! Regular price was $30 each. Saved $400 bucks on a whim! Hahahahaha!

If you have a Theisens in your area and want Dunstans, give them a call. They are dam near giving them away to get rid of them!

Great find and really nice looking trees