Sawtooth oak seedling growth.


5 year old buck +
Sideways sawtooth selfie.JPG We bought some bare root Sawtooth oak seedlings from the state nursery late last February and planted in early March. We bought 3' cheap roll up tree tubes that are solid with no vent holes and also bought some 3' mesh tree tubes. I planted most all the sawtooths in solid tubes thinking there is no way they would grow out of them by end of summer... I was wrong... I ended up having to stack tubes. I am 6'2" and this one is up to my chin...
Sideways Sawtooth growth.JPG
Sideways sawtooth average growth.JPG This is average growth but some appeared to be Super trees!
Sawtooth mesh tube.JPG Here is average growth of the sawtooths planted in mesh only tubes... I have about 5 in mesh only and none have grown out of a 3 foot tube yet...
nothing grows like a sawtooth or chestnut. I got a 3rd or 4th leaf chestnut that has 5 burs on it!
They do grow really fast in tubes... noticed grasshoppers are eating several of the leaves off mine in the tubes... walk past a tube and it sounds like someone rattling a can of rocks with them jumping around in the tubes...
Good thing you extended those tubes. I went out on the porch at the farm several years ago at night to take a leak and there was a doe, on her back legs, eating the main leader out of one of mine that was growing out of a 60" tube.
Sideways super sawtooth 07-27-14.JPG Just 6 days later :)
That is some darn good growth in 6 days, awesome!