rye kill plot ?


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I have this kill plot of rye in the woods its pretty weedy, i was going to let it go completley to seed and then disk down for the free seed, but was wondering if I should just nuke it with gly now to not let any of the weeds go to seed, I do have 24-d i could use as well

how spendy is that milestone stu?
+1 on spraying but why milestone instead of gly? Is gly not effective on thistle?
Thistles in my area are already going to seed. If that was my plot I'd disk it and take care of thistles next year. Rye seed is cheap enough and sometimes it's nice to start fresh. You'd have more cost in chemical than you would gain with free seed. I have a plot like yours that I'm leaving but I'm only doing it for cover around my waterhole. My opinion anyways.
+1 on spraying but why milestone instead of gly? Is gly not effective on thistle?

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I got great results so far with 1.5 oz 41% gly per gallon, not sure what thistle it was, but it was fixing to have lots of 3/4 inch purple flowers when I sprayed. dang stuff was 4 to 5 feet tall. Gold finch are going to be mad at me as they love the seeds.


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"Just sharing my experience and perspective. I think spraying glyphosate for thistles is a losing strategy. The glyphosate smoked the aboveground portions of the thistle (looks to be canada thistle which has an extensive root system and spreads by runners and root fragments), but it will be back either from root or from the seed bank. BUT now the competition is killed also. So unless you get something established in there quickly (cover crop + perennial vegetation) the thistles will come back and potentially be worse than ever."
I'd just buy more rye seed, spread it, and mow it down asap.