red oak acorns



I collected some red oak acorns today and when I got back to float test them, they all floated. I think I remember seeing that most of them may float and still be viable. I'm just wanting some confirmation on if they are good or not since this is my first time with any red oak acorns
Not a single one sank and I had a couple hundred from all around the tree. I didn't collect any that had obvious insect damage
Well I wasn't looking for any to be honest, I found one that is dropping and the deer are walking past white oaks to get to it. I just thought it would be a good tree to get some seedlings from
After a couple hours of soaking, 15 out of about 100 sank so I'm going to store them. If they grow that's great, if not, I still don't care that much about them so no big deal