Recent observation - spring deer/vehicle accidents


Hs anyone else seen a recent increase in deer/vehicle accidents this spring? I hate seeing a dead deer along the side of the road. I see it as a lost hnig opportunity and a negative image of deer to the non-hunting public. Lately I have seen an increase in these similar to a level that we would see neer the rut. The only thing I can see that would cause this would be the movement of deer as they seek fawning areas. Anyone else see this type of thing? Or have a reason why?
Slow spring. Deer finding green in the ditches. Plenty of Rye on my place keeps them busy and off the road some this time of year.
I am not sure it's food based. We are full swing into farm planting season and the clover and cool season grasses have been good and green for a month now. My clover/alfalfa plot is 12" tall. We are in full leaf out at the moment as well. The deer I am seeing hit are in strange places -not much if any cover around. It's like they are lost. It's normal to see this during the rut when bucks are pushing does, but this is sort of odd at least to me.
2nd half of May and 1st half of June, does force the fawns to leave as she prepares to have her new fawns. In Wisconsin this time period is only second to the Rut for car/deer collisions.
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I have seen 8 dead deer along the roads in a Lottery area in our state. Lottery is where you need to apply for doe permits.

I live in an area where we have had 5 or 7 (8) doe permits each and have not seen a dead deer in that area.
interesting observation. I can't say i have seen the same here in NE PA. About a month ago i noticed an increase in roadkills on a 4 mile stretch of road i drive was over the course of a 4-5 days. It may have more to do with traffic patterns in the area changing than deer patterns changing. We have a lot of natural gas extraction going in the area...which causes a massive increase in traffic on our roads depending on what stage of the extraction process is going on at a given well site. lots of tri axles, water trucks, low boys, and wide loads up and down the roads....24/7.
Look close I bet a lot are button bucks from last year. Run out of town and lost.
Jbird I agree i was just talking to a buddy about this! I hit a big doe recently in my ford fusion and have seen a ton of deer movement and road kills in past 2 months. Maybe I'm just more attentive to it after coming face to face with that 150lb doe that smashed my driver side door in:eek: Spilled my coffee everywhere!
I saw a newborn fawn hit on 169 tonight. Must have been born in the ditch and took his first steps right onto the highway. What a little dinky thing.
I've noticed it in KS. Didn't give it much thought other than it seemed unusual. It started about 2 or 3 weeks before the thread & seems to be tapering off.
I just read in the last week the May/June timeframe in MN is second only to the rut for numbers of accidents due to the birthing of deer and the increased movements with their young in tow.
Yep.....just as a few city folks have said: "The Highway Department needs to put up more Deer Crossings, so we have fewer accidents on our roads". ;)
Yep.....just as a few city folks have said: "The Highway Department needs to put up more Deer Crossings, so we have fewer accidents on our roads". ;)
I want to have the county put one of those signs up at my place so the deer think there safe!!!!!