Pre-Emergent Herbicide prior to June Buckwheat


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Does anyone have any experience or recommendation(s) with spring pre-emergent herbicide followed by a June Buckwheat planting? The property is located in SE Ohio and I plan on planting brassica late July / early August into my June planted buckwheat. My plan is to apply one (1) ton of lime and till the area in the end of April. Its a brand new plot opened with a dozer last fall so I would like to till the lime in and work the soil. Being that I wont be back until June possibly, I am looking for pre-emergent herbicide recommendations. I was thinking Treflan; however I am not certain that Buckwheat is a labeled crop. I have not been able to find any information on herbicide labels or online about pre-emergents affecting buckwheat seed.

In short, is there a pre-emergent that can be used and not affect buckwheat seeding?

Thanks for any tips or info,
I think I understand your visions. If I do the answer to your question is "no." Here's what I hear. New ground. Lime the end of April and a buckwheat planting sometime in June. Is it that you want a herbicide to stop any weeds from growing from the time you apply the lime until you can plant the buckwheat? I don't see that happening. And if you think you need a pre=plant herbicide at planting I don't think you will need it there. Ah! It's always good fun to deliver the news!
I think your plan will work fine without a pre-emergent. You will have some weeds pop up between April and June, but you can kill those weeds with tillage or round-up in June when you come back to plant buckwheat. The buckwheat will take over from that point until you terminate it in early August for your brassica planting.
I have planted BW many times and never needed a pre. It grows fast and shades out a lot of weeds. I would also soil test if you havent to get your P and K levels adequate for the brassicas. You will also need a good dose of Urea when planting the brassicas. One thing I would make sure of is that you terminate the BW before it goes to seed or else you will have more BW than brassicas come Fall. Good luck.
You dozered the spot. Who knows what will or will not emerge. Or even how well. Soil often is a few inches of fertile ground with many feet of quite baren material under it. Any weed ID from the general area? Pictures? Different problems can require different treatments.

What works great in New England can be horrible in flroida. What area are you from.

Were stumps the main reason for the dozer, or did they do some significant leveling of the land. Ideal dozer work is to remove the top layer of soil into a pile, level the ground, then push the soil back / or bring in good topsoil.

Tilling up an area bring weed seed from the soi l into the equation. Seeds can be dormant for a very long time, 100 years is not a huge stretch for some seeds. Tilling, then waiting 2 or 3 weeks to apply herbicide kills those young weed seeds. Decent chance wit the recent dozer work you don't need to till so bad.

Want to see how long seeds can be dormant, look up the history of aramath.

Do you have a soil test completed. What kind of soil do you have, sandy, loam, clay? Soil in an aea can be quite variable, especially mixing it up at different depths with a dozer.

Spray some gly, wait a day or two, then put that buckwheat in. Cultipacker, roller, or tire drag might be all you need. Gly plus 2,4D is the finger of death. Spraying 2,4D then a month later spraying gly before seeding can work pretty good. 2,4D has about 2 weeks residual effect. It's a general broadleaf weed killer. It helps remove stuff that gly can't qie out entirely.