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  1. SnowWaterWhitetails

    Pre-Emergent Herbicide prior to June Buckwheat

    Does anyone have any experience or recommendation(s) with spring pre-emergent herbicide followed by a June Buckwheat planting? The property is located in SE Ohio and I plan on planting brassica late July / early August into my June planted buckwheat. My plan is to apply one (1) ton of lime and...
  2. M

    2019 Habitat Improvement Plan - 21 Acres in SW Michigan

    Hey everyone. I've been doing some habitat work on my 21 acre property in SW Michigan over the past year or so and I've REALLY come to enjoy this stuff. This year, I decided to lay out a map and a plan for 2019 (which will probably take me more than 1 year to complete) for my property. 21 acres...