Post pictures of your hunting cabin or other accommodations on your land.



Let’s see your cabins, campers, shacks, tents, etc where you lay your head at night while hunting on your land.
NH MTNS. - It would be a reward just to sit on that deck and watch the seasons ease by. I think I'd have a great camera on a tri-pod and get lots of those " calendar shots " - fall foliage, snow up on the peaks, etc. Even if I didn't get a deer, I could sure mellow out in that country! Live it up !!!
kitchen, was a rip out of an existing, transplanted 220 miles north.


I'll have to add more pics later, photobucket isn't thrilled at the moment.
U guys have some pretty nice digs.
image.jpg Here is my cabin on the lake!
With permission to hunt the 11 acres behind it.

In Mn south of Alexandria
Wow...nice cabins!! For now we have a 5th wheeler for our hangout at the farm (photo taken prior to moving). Sure is nice to have air conditioning in the summer!


Here is the the thread of our shack project on the north side of my brothers property:

Don't really have any pictures of the cabin on our 40 except some trail camera pictures in the field to the north. Working on planting some screens here:

You all have me ready to get lumber prices! Cant wait to build a cabin! someday
This is our deer camp in Vermont deep in the Green Mtn. National Forest. Completely off the grid. It's deer hunting Benoit style for the most part. You could sit for a week and not see a deer walk by. You could also walk for a week and not see another human soul.

This is my "hunting camp" I built on my land 4 years ago. It's a 24x16 timber frame that sits on a root cellar. It's a multi-purpose building for my family...sugar house, garden shed, tool storage, tractor shed, root cellar, etc. But it is also a dedicated base of operations for deer hunting on my land. I hang all of my clothes to air out and dry on the porch. The root cellar is a great place to hang an early season deer if the temps. are warm. And I have a loft inside where I change and store all of my gear.



Really like your cabin Natty! Looks well thought out. and looks pretty cool also!:D
Really like your cabin Natty! Looks well thought out. and looks pretty cool also!:D
X2! you can tell you took your time an did things right!!! Awesome!
We bought our camp in 2007. It was a tin can, you had to hold your breath to go inside. As far as dumps go it was up there. As they say, location, location, location. My wife's parents have the place next door. We spend most weekends here from May to December.
I gutted it and added a loft on top. New siding and a few extra touches.
Single best improvement 12x24' covered patio. I keep all my hunting close under here, they never go inside. No matter the temp this is where I strip down to my undies.


This is where we hang all summer, fire pit on right cooker on left.
We try to get up for some winter fun
Until the snow really hits. Then we crash at nana and papas as our place is not kept cleared. I believe this pic was the middle of March.
I'd post mine, but it doesn't exist yet. On the plus side we're in discussions finally.
BJE80 looks like new construction. Would you share a ball park price?