Porky Pig


Never seen him before but he passed through last night


Now that is a 4.5 year old plus, probably more like 5.5 plus with a sub par rack.
I'm willing to bet those antlers are more impressive in person. He's no booner but that body is making his headgear look smaller.
I'd hate the though of trying to get him on a 4 wheeler alone.
Regardless of the headgear.......He's a BEAST!:eek:
Now THAT'S a tank!!! I hope you get him. If you do, you GOTTA post the weight. With pix of course! Good luck.
Weak brows, his strength is those g2s at around 11", g3s are 5" max. Short beams and mass doesn't look impressive. I'll give him mid-upper120s.
I'd really love to play taxidermy on that deer. Full rut that neck will be 28" plus. I'm drooling
You need to put him on a diet. Good luck getting him and if you do I hope it's a short drag.
He is a fat puppy for sure.

Careful Mo you might be taking a drive someday.

Dipper I'd say your about right on the score. Im saying low 130's. I do recognize him now. Check out the sheds in ths post. http://habitat-talk.com/index.php?threads/he-taunts-me-every-year.1229/

I gave him a 18 inch spread which was too much and I believe he grossed in the low 140's. The mass was unreal. I think this guy has more mass than his block head lets on.
That Buck eye came is awesome . That is a real tanker buck. Good luck I hope you can share a photo with you holding the rack and smileing!!!!!
He's mid 130s, Gross, for sure. He could surprise you and even nudge close to 140. Who cares, though. He's a true stud. 4.5+, with an emphasis on the plus. He's somewhere over 4.5, but I am not skilled enough to say how over. I hope you catch a break and kill the beast.
I doubt I'll be getting to take a photo with him.

I'm all of tags til rifle season and bow hunting in MO after rifle is pretty futile.
But if happens by during rifle season I'll surely flip the safety off. :).
That Buck eye came is awesome .

I love them! I have them set to take a pic every second they see movement. I get hundreds of doe pics but the occasional telling pictures of how the bucks act.

My Favorite feature is I don't have to visit them to get my pics. They get delivered to me in seconds.

Not cheap but there isn't a system like it out there.