Plot Seed Prices


5 year old buck +
I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up my seed yesterday. I got a 50lb bag of cereal rye and 5 lbs of tillage radish for $30.

Brings total price of my plot to $50 (AMS was $20).
I picked it up in person at Milborn Seeds in Brookings, SD. I like this place because you can buy individual seeds in any quantity. It also works for me because it's right along my travel route.

The people are really friendly too. Again, being very small potatoes in their business, they still give me as much attention as I want. They also staff people trained in turf, forage, cover crop, conservation etc. I looked over my receipt, and it doesn't say exactly what kind of radish I got. I asked for "tillage" radish. I'm hoping it's the big white ones that stick up out of the ground. The rye looks like bin-run that's been cleaned.

I just started using them this year and I have been very pleased. It helps when the guy you're talking to about food plotting is also a food plotter himself.