Planting this upcoming weekend?



I'm thinking about planting my brassicas this coming weekend. July 19. Zone 4A. We have pretty moist ground and I'm not worried about burning them up unless we really really get a hot dry spell. Last year I planted brassicas last weekend in July.
Cereal stuff I'm thinking about mid of August right now.
Anyone else plant this early here up north?
I will be planting brassicas this Friday And the 26th. I usually plant my cereal blends middle to end of Aug. I'm also a MN 4a guy!!
Brassica plot went in 2 1/2 weeks ago.
My brassica plots will go in on the 19th also. Should work out good. Last yeat I planted on the 29th of July.
Planted half of my brassicas on Friday. Got 1/2" rain on Saturday. :cool:

Waiting for a couple weeks or so for the next batch. Will probably do it August 1 or July 26 if a good rain is forecast soon after.

What do you mean by the next batch?
I'm on the line between 3 and 4 in Northern MN. I planted mine last week. I took a few extra weeks head start because I had to spray and broadcast at the same time. I'm planning on poor seed to soil contact, so I wanted that extra lead time to allow for burn down and hopefully catch some tack driving rains.
In se mn I put my no till brassica in yesterday. i will put the rest, in a prepared fields, in late july or early aug. My expierence has been the prepared seed bed takes off much faster than the roundup only prep.
I top seeded some soybean plots with rape/turnip mix this past weekend. I'm hoping to get my radish plots in by the end of this week and now it looks like we are going to be in a dry spell for awhile now:eek:
I ordered 8lbs of my brassica mix from Welters. I planted half that last Friday. The other 4 lbs I'll plant in the coming weeks sometime.
Is there a reason you broke it up? Or just time wise?
You'll likely be fine any time from July to mid-August if you get rain. Last year I tried planting a few different brassica plots at staggered times from early July to mid August (in SE MN). The only failure was the last plot planted that was planted in sandy soil right before a dry spell. The rest of the plots grew well and they all looked about the same even though some of the plots were about a month older than others. I didn't notice any deer usage difference relative to planting time.

I planted a small brassica plot on Sunday and we had a 1/4" rain yesterday, so I really lucked out.