Jim Timber

5 year old buck +
The large menus some of you have on stand makes me curious how you haul all of it out there? :p

I'm also curious what all you bring with on a regular basis?

I just "moved in" to this backpack ($30 at walmart) and added my zubat to my travel kit. It's got a left side exterior thermos pocket which is perfect for hanging to my left beside me. Inside there's several smaller pockets in thin nylon (not as rugged as the outside, but should be fine, and keeps weight down), and those hold my scent, chemical heaters, bino's, .22 pistol, calls, food, and warmer clothes (heavier hat, handwarmer tube, gloves), tie wraps, tags, and will probably include my good camera when the weather cooperates. Outside you can see the zubat saw, my rangefinder pouch, and sog seal pup knife.

Ok so it's 3:50 in the AM and I have to go get my bag from the truck. Here it is. The outside pockets carry my scent away on one side and drag scents the other. 2 large main pockets that have extra gloves, vest, several sheets of paper toweling, thermos if taken & binoculars. Smaller from pocket has range finder, battery cell for phone & chemical heaters. One smaller pocket on top carries head lamp & glow sticks. Front top pocket also had a few power bars from last year, yes they were eatable but just a little chewy.
My knive's and 9mm are on my hip at the ready. Got it at Fleet several years ago, don't remember what I paid but had to have be under $30.00.

I no longer carry a pack for rifle hunting, but have lots of pockets in my coat. I find many things are really not necessary to carry.

I have a pack when putting up my hang on bow stand.
I've fought with the pack / no pack / stand bag issue for many years. I like to go light....and would prefer no pack at all....but for stand hunting I currently use a small green duffle bag that I found at a thrift shop for $3. But the pack I use varies from year to year. Different hunting conditions and situations call for less or more gear.

Was just contemplating going back to my back pack. I do not like all kinds of small zipper compartments as I can never find which compartment I have stuff in. Instead, I like one big compartment which may contain two or three small kits and other larger individual items.

I keep one bag for game retrieval with extra knives and ropes and such back at "camp".
Most of the time I have everything I need in the pockets on my hunter safety season and I the cargo pockets in my pants. I may carry a small fanny pack for my all day sits this weekend. Most of the time I travel light.

The one exception is when I have my daughter with me. It take a lot of snacks and stuff to keep her entertained for any length of time so I carry a small backpack.
I'm struggling with the same issue.

I pack my warm clothes in, and they take up a lot of room.

I have a back pack that is one huge compartment with a couple small side pockets. I put a small bag inside with food, coffee, calls and warmers. Then my bibs and coat.

I don't carry much. No binos, no pistol, no knife, nothing but the bare minimum.

I think I'm going to try a smaller bag for the little things. Maybe it will take up less room in my big pack.

I got tired of having everything bulging out my pockets, and forgetting things like my range finder, or not wanting the weight of my binos on my neck walking in.

My neck is very sensitive to weight because of my arthritis. Backpack straps are much easier on me than something hanging.
This is my pack, I carry knife, calls, rangefinder, warmer hat and gloves, drag rope. I usually walk in in just a long sleeved shirt and carry my warmer clothes and this pack has a couple straps on the bottom that I can strap my coat to. I don't like quivers on my bow so it has one attached to the pack, easy to reach a arrow if needed.

This year i had been going bag/pack...just cargo pockets on my pants. I just started carrying my fanny pack so that i can stuff the rattling horns in....warmer gloves and hat. the calls and range finder stay in my cargo pockets. I carry a knife clipped in right front pocket of my pants. cell phone goes in the zip pocket on the chest of my fleece pull over.

In years past i was carrying a back pack but its just a pain in the ass to get up my tree with the pack on, and its a pain in the ass to use the haul rope for the bow and the pack at the same time.
I got a small back pack from Dick's this year and I'm loving it so far. It's big enough for everything I want to go in with me and then some. I think it's called a rogue river by field and stream. I probably take too much to the stand with me but I like being prepared