Old Window Cold Frame/Green House


5 year old buck +
Anyone ever build a green house or cold frame using old windows? I put 6 new windows in the house last october and I have the old storm windows stacked up around back of the shed. thought i might be able to repurpose them for habitat related plantings and for the garden here at the house.

I've done some googling and have a pretty good idea of how to set it up. Just wondering if anybody here has ever done this before. Lets see some pics if you got em!
Never done it before but it sounds like a good use of the old windows.
I've seen windows posted on CL for such a use, but I haven't seen photo's of a completed green house. I'm considering making a mini green house with cattle panels as seen on the following youtube video:
Good luck with your project...;)
That looks pretty sweet! I've found a bunch of pics/vids on the old window cold frame project. Now I just have dig around in the shed and see what kind of lumber I have laying around.