Not the usual trail cam video

Jim Timber

5 year old buck +
Click the pic to play the video.

Did some more trail blazing last week along with clearing the orchard and decided to shoot some footage to show folks what the place looks like on the ground. The trail on the first half of the video didn't exist last week, and I've done a little more work since it was shot to make it wider. I'll need to drag logs out through this over the next couple days, so hopefully I gave myself enough room.

At any rate, it was shot hand held with my cell phone while I was driving. Signature finger in the frame for part of it too. :oops:

Shrub Henge is to the left until it gets to the weedy clearing, and then we divert off across the South 40 to the opposite corner of the property.
For some reason it is not working, Jim.
It should open in another window.
Works on my laptop and phone. You might need to let it load a bit on slower connections.
Worked for me. Nice looking area.
Cool. I have a few questions for you. What kind of cam did you use and how was it mounted & is that a snorkle on your cat?
Cell phone, hand held. :D

Yep, the Mud Pro's come factory snorkled. It's a mixed blessing. On the one hand it makes the front rack virtually worthless, and on the other I can't bring myself to remove it because it keeps the air filter super clean and mud/water out of the transmission.