Not a good year for E wheat/sorghum so far


5 year old buck +
I'm in MN and the wet and cool conditions have been great for my clover, but poor for Egyptian wheat/sorghum mix.

Anyone else struggling with growth of e-wheat and /or sorghum?? It's ankle high at best
I tried a method I had heard about to plant mine that does not seem to be working. I sprayed the area I wanted to plant with Gly and let it all die off, then I broadcast the EW seed into the dead grass/weeds and immedicatley mowed it down with my brushhog leaving it covered in thatch... It looks pretty bad a motnh later with very little growth and patchy...
Mine is a couple feet tall so far but it looks a real light green. I fertilized it once already but it seems to be lacking something. Maybe needs N
Light green = needs nitrogen
My e wheat looks like heck also. The area I planted it in was dry at the time but since planting has gotten to much rain . I top dressed it once with 24-24-24 will look at it again this weekend but don't have much hope after the 3 inch rain last week. I might have to plant 3 acres of oats and AWP in middle of Aug. As I think I lost 1.5 of beans in the rain.
What fertilizer mix should I use on my sorghum sudan to green it up? I just looked at it this afternoon and it's more like 4ft. but some areas definitely need some N.