Next weeks weather, looks a wee bit chilly!

Turkey Creek

5 year old buck +
Just saw our forcast for next week. Calling for 3 days in the mid 30s for highs, lows in the mid teens. That is going to be a shock to the ol' body! We have barely been below freezing the entire fall for lows. You hardy northeners are probably already acclimated for the winter!
Yeah buddy! That's when it's time to do our best to hunt all day. It's tough but last yr on opening rifle I had a nice buck come through at 12:15. I let him walk. Not this yr!!!!
I'll try to do all day sits starting Sunday until I shoot something. I can't remember another year that the weather has been forecasted to be this good for my vacation
May need some extra propane bottles for next week. Ladder stands during prime time and then in to the boxes.
Just Laugh at the cold! ;)
Careful foggy. Didn't your mom ever tell you that your face may get stuck like that. :-)
Yea it's about time to break out the long johns.
Way ahead of you! They've been ready for a few days. :)
First good snowfall coming tomorrow. Hoping the fresh snow shows more deer than I fear aren't there. They are talking significant snow next week (for us that could mean feet). I hope this is just a blip but last year it came mid November and didn't leave till April.
Starting to shape up like a repeat of last winter. Coldest gun season I ever hunted, but deer activity was very good. I'll deal with the cold to see highly pressured deer moving instead of them going nocturnal.