New visitor, how old?


5 year old buck +
image.jpg First time I have seen this guy. I have never had a pic of one to do a thread like this but he has me intrigued. Only one shot of him, perfect example of one showing up when the plots are covered in snow. I will post the head gear tomorrow.
Old enough. I usually have a shooter show up on my place after season. The late season food source is key
Wow, big body on that deer. WAG ... 5.5
Very fat, tiny legs. 2.5
Poor angle but I'd guess 2.5-3
I don't know if it truly has short stubby legs or its the depth of the snow that gives it that look but if they are indeed short and stubby he's got some age. Also it looks as if the neck connects to the bottom of chest. If it does I will go with 4.5 plus
I'm guessing 4.5.....although the snow makes his legs appear shorter. Still.....he is rotund.
i like that you kept the head gear out of this. I have considered doing the same thing on a couple of bucks i have pics each case the body and the headgear are conflicting.

I'd say he's most likely got some age to him. very portly, thick neck, shoulder hump, blocky head.
Here is a Tug Hill giant. I think this deer is at least 3.5. They are very rare for our area. I have lots of pics of 2.5 yo deer over the years and none of them look like this. On the few older deer we do see scrub racks are the norm but this guy takes it to a new level. I did have a nice 3.5 yo eight show up a couple days after this guy but he can't touch him in the weight department.
^^^that's a perfect example of what APR's can't help with. I suppose he may have 3 points on one side or the other, but you'd have look awfully close to find them I think. That buck would provide a bunch of venison and may as well be removed from the gene pool
APR's would never work in my area. The majority of 2.5 yo are 4 pointers. Two years ago the neighbors shot a 200 pound 4 pointer. 3 points on a side has to be less than 20% of the bucks. Now, since I only shoot one every 3 years I would be in favor.
I was hoping he would be a spike to kind of prove a point. Picture angle, area, season, nothing to compare with, trail cameras can make deer look old or young from one pic to the next. Great job with the post. He does look like a pig in the first picture.
jeez that thing looks well fed. Does pizza hut and taco bell deliver to your food plot or what?
For comparison these are 2.5 yo four points. These two deer were in my plots every night for 6 months. They had the run of the place. I know there are no two deer within 10 miles of me that ate better than these two. Unless tubs was being feed candy apples and corn dogs by someone he is a freak or has a thyroid problem. image.jpg
Here is what I believe to be a 3.5 yo. He to just showed up this week. All the snow and cold has the deer migration started. image.jpg
Total mind blower!
That is one fat deer! Somebody needs Jenny Craig! More salad and back off the carbs. I now know what I will look like re-incarnated as a deer!!!!! Fat belly, short legs and just not much to impress the ladies!