New guy Introduction (J-bird)


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I wanted to introduce myself - although I recognize some names on here already. I am located in SE IN and own a 150 acre grain (corn and soybean) farm that I try to manage for wildlife. When I started 15+ years ago it was a struggle to even get an opportunity to harvest ANY deer over the course of 2+ months of hunting. I have learned alot and now we not only harvest several deer a year, but we are starting to take more mature animals as well. I am by no means an expert on anything, but I am willing to learn and share. Biggest thing I have learned thus far - every situation is different - and you have to do what works for you. This is my buck from 2013 -no official score yet (should be 140-150). I took a 128" in '08, a 142" in '11 and then this guy.
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Welcome and that is nice buck!!
Welcome to the forum.
welcome! I have been trying to manage for years and deer numbers are way down.
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I understand protecting the innocent. I still participate in the "other forum" but sometimes a change is nice as well. I would not call this "the dark side" just a different side - it's a matter of perspective! Anyway - hope to meet some new folks and hear from some familiar ones as well.
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I did some looking around and based on some signature lines some familiar people seem to carry a bit of a grudge - and could careless! Got to love somone willing to stand up for what they beleive in! I can't comment on the mobile use part, but it does seem to have a cleaner function to it. For now I am working onchanging my signature line tohelp identify my location sofolks have an idea of where I am loacted and my perspective a little more.
Welcome, don't feel bad about visiting both sites. Many still do but like most I find myself here a LOT more.
Welcome j-bird. Nice buck.
Welcome J-Bird. Heck of a buck there.
If you are going to hang out here J-Bird, you are going to have to up your game a little. Is that a cull buck in your picture? Puny little thing, one more year maybe he would have been worth harvesting.


Just kidding, SWEET BUCK! I'm glad you joined us.

2 sites is better than 1. We just hope to be the best site we can.

Welcome there is NO 150"min here. Just a bunch of like minded deer addicts that are trying to help out there fellow hunters. Great group!! Even thought half of you guys are Cheese heads LOL
I was refering to Foggy's signature line - I just like to see folks putting it out there like that. Yep - cull buck all right! I love to hear folks talk like that. 99.9% of the time it is simply an excuse to shoot a buck that others may question - everytime I hear that phase I think of some pompus butt head that essentially bought the heads he has on the wall - yet will go on and on about how great a hunter he is. I didn't need an excuse to shoot this one - my entire body yelled, "shoot you idiot!" I try not to offend people if I can, but someone wants to lecture me on my harvst selction they can go pound sand (I didn't take your comment that way - just so you know). I own just 150 acres and 100 of it is open ag field and what cover I do have is broken up into smaller pieces - until recently I was the only one making habitat improvements and passing younger bucks. Try telling folks in farm country that you want to feed the deer. They look at you like you are stupid - like feeding rats. I took my share of yearling bucks in my early days of my hunting career (which wasn't that long ago), but have since learned the error of my ways. Since then I have taken a 128" in 2008, a 142" in 2011, buddy took a 125" in 2012, and I took my avatar buck in 2013 (not officially scored yet) and my son took a 140~150 class buck in 2013 as well - all off the same property. Habitat improvements, smart harvest decisions, and hunting smarter and not harder can pay off - I feel I have proven that. I don't use supplemental feed or minerals and these are truely free-range deer. Folks don't say much, but neighboring properties are seeing more and more hunters now and those that thought I was crazy are starting to see the light. It isn't easy, it isn't cheap, it isn't always fun and it takes time - but man when it all comes together its a great feeling! Hopefully I can contribute here and learn some things along the way as well.
At least you know where he stands.
"Gotta stand for something or fall for anything"
Absofrickinlutely. Foggy is a great guy...and a guy those of us involved with the MDDI are proud to have "on our side" ;)

Actually....I hesitated to put all that crap on my sig line....and hate to drag any of my "old issues" with QDMA onto this site. For that I apologize. Still....some things are just worth doing and a guy's gotta take a stand for something. To me...a few of those clowns are out of line "back there". Hope I don't offend anyone here....but as Popeye sez: "I am who I am." :D

P.S. I will take down my sig....after everyone has an opportunity to know my position. ;)
Like I said -at least we know where you stand on the issue foggy. I figure as long as a person isn't confrontational (nothing wrong with being passionate about it) about it - it's your opinion and you are entitled to it. It just makes me smile to see someone put it out there like that. Hopefully you get some traction and results with your efforts in your MDDI organizaton.