New food plot- lime now?


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With the lack of snow this year I was able to get a 1 1/2 acre food plot put in back in the woods yesterday. We had an inch of snow overnight. If I spread pellet lime now on top of the snow will give some results for next spring or am I just wasting money and should wait until spring?


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As long as you don't have low spots or runoff problems you shouldn't have an issue. Remember, the very best time to lime any ground was a year or 2 ago. The longer you wait the longer it takes to have an affect.
Thanks. No runoff problems here. I know the soil Ph and lime recommendations so I'll lay some down and retest in the spring.
Lime? Yes!
The old saying is "any time is a good time for lime"
On another thread I just posted how I did that very thing some years ago on a smaller plot just to see if it would work. I whipped it around w/ a plastic butter tub onto the snow. It was easy to see where I missed & needed to throw some pellet lime. Snow took it into the ground as it melted and I got some clover to grow in the spring. Not a big thick lush plot, but clover DID grow. As the other guys said, it's never a bad time for lime !!