Moultrie M-880 Warranty Claim Update


5 year old buck +
I had the pink/white picture problem with my camera earlier this year. After trying the hard reset and switching memory cards, I sent it in. I called ahead to talk with a rep about it.

The bad: The rep told me to fill out the form and ship it to them. I asked the rep if I would get a case number at some point, and was told to just fill out that form, print it, and include it with the box. Well the form didn't even print, I had to do a print screen of what I typed in. I thought it odd, but did it and sent it. They received my cam on 9/16 (today is 30 days).

I hadn't heard anything yet, so I decided to call and see where the process currently sits. The lady I spoke with today was very helpful, and I got my case properly documented and entered into their system today. I had to call UPS to get my tracking number because it's sitting in my car at the shop right now. I called back the tracking number to see if I could get more answers.

In the end, there was no update to be had. They could see the UPS delivery notes and that was it. Now I have to wait for an email with no expectation of when it'll be complete.

I like these cams and I know bad things can happen, but this warranty process has been a long one.
I never saw an option to print out the return form which I thought was odd too. I hit submit expecting to print it after it was submitted. I put a handwritten letter with all the details with my cam. I should consider myself lucky that I received a replacement cam. Their warranty process needs a lot of work on the communication part of it. Hopefully you will get a replacement cam soon.
It's already too late for me. My season will be over in 30 days. I won't be going out and doing any cam work anymore. We're in the quiet period awaiting season, that is if I even get to go. We got some politics in camp right now that aren't getting resolved. May have to bust out the old shotgun and hunt the bushes of farm country this year.

I just want to get this sorted out before my warranty runs out in December. If it comes back and it works fine, I may still buy another one so I can do some scouting at my brother's place next year. It'd also be neat to set up a time lapse on one of my apple trees next year. I'm going to prune this year, and it'd be neat to watch it go from bloom to apple. I also took the cage off, so if it's gonna get nibbled, I want to see who's doing it.
My second m80 might have a bad board mounted battery like the first - I'll find out next week if the batteries are dead and there's few pics.

Their lack of parts support on that camera, combined with it's short lifespan of 2.5 years has turned me off the brand.

The covert I picked up a couple weeks ago will be returned too. Slooow trigger speed and lots of missed critters (butts in the frame).

I'm not sure what to get?
I'm dreading that same thing myself. If these 880's don't get the job done, I don't want to start over with something new and wonder if it'll go.
It's really late in the season for vetting cams. I like watching critters year round, but my most important scouting is post-gun season to determine who made it out alive.
We've tried that for a couple years, for the most part our deer take off around thanksgiving and don't come back till spring. That being said, I just remembered that I am doing some timber work after season and I did want to put a cam on the tree tops to see what happens there. I'm hoping for less snow this year so I can do more in mid january as well.
The 990 was alright but I was starting to notice that it was taking more blank pics too. I had six Covert black 60's and four of them had moisture problems inside of them. Lots of blank pics/false triggers with the 60's. My Bushnell HD max cams were good cams but needed more more flash range at night for vids. I have phased most of my cams out and have replaced them with Reconyx HC600's over the last two years. I just added two XR6 Ultrafires in the last month. I just got fed up with the unreliability I was having with my other cams.
We see them until the snow gets too deep to dig acorns, or crusts over. The herd only moves South about a mile to winter in some pines.
I'd appreciate a name. Many thanks!

We've had great luck with our 880's on battery life. One set of 8AA lithiums will last an entire season for us, and that is probably 3000+ pictures.
My M80's got a leaky internal battery, unfortunately it's soldered directly to a daughter board and they don't have parts. I'm not steady enough to unsolder it anymore, but I have a friend who said he'd give it a go. I have nothing to lose - it's junk now.

I have ran all Moultries for as long as I've had cams out but recently have moved away. I couldn't have been happier with original M80 but the newer versions of the M880 have been a huge let down. The picture quality is horrible and the actual construction just feels so cheap. I still have 1 M80, 2 M880's, 1 Pano 150 and 2 old D55IRs that just won't quit.

If your looking to possible switch to a different brand you may want to look into the new Brownings (I was very hesitant...). I have now been running 2 of the new Strike Forces, the trigger speed and picture quality has been amazing. The only reason I gave them a shot was because of the review on Definitely worth a look.
I was looking at Brownings as well, then I found out Moultrie is making them. :(
i've dealt with the customer service departments of just about every major camera manufacturer. Strangely, my best experience was with Moultrie. I've had about 6 or 7 cameras fixed over the years and they've been great. all but one of those were old i40's that had a design flaw with their lcd screen (would break when they were in direct sunlight). wildgame innovations were also good. so was covert. bushnell and cuddeback were the worst for me. i find it strange that so many folks have problems with moultrie. they've fixed my out of warranty cameras w/ no questions asked.
I'm not too bummed out about it yet. I've been a good sport about that camera not working for an entire year. Granted, most of that year was because I didn't send it in right away. I've still got faith, the first one I bought is doing an awesome job. I will bring it in once about december is over though. I left the good one out all winter last year and it didn't have anything on it past Christmas.
I was looking at Brownings as well, then I found out Moultrie is making them. :(

Didn't know that. I guess I have been lucky because out of all the Moultrie's that I run, I have never had to use their customer service or have a camera "crap" out on me. The reason why I like the Browning was the trigger speed is a lot better and the picture quality is very good.
UPDATE: I called Wednesday morning to see what was going on. Yesterday (48 hours later) I had a new camera sitting on my desk from Moultrie. I have to say, I'm happy with the outcome.

Now today, I am going to play around with trying to figure out that hybrid time lapse/motion capture mode. I want to do a time lapse photo journal on my new plot next year from spray to plant to maturity.