MN law for hunting without deer a license


A good 3 year old buck
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Maximum fines are really subjective. For instance most common traffic violations have a max of 10 days in jail. Does anybody ever go to jail for a tail light out? No. Maximum and reality are way different. It would all depend on how many offenses in the past and such. Very rarely would anybody get max on anything. I really have no idea about MN but, lets say max is $1000. First offense, they would probably put restrictions on future hunting licenses and any where between $100 and $300 fine. Just a shot in the dark but, that is what I see here locally.
Get caught and find out.
First time 3 years ago for a friend of mines step son, was $165 fine, loss of rifle and could not hunt for 3 years. It was his grandpa's gun and he made the kid go to the DNR auction and buy it back for $600.
Watched wardens on tv, in california not having a fishing license, automatic $400.
Lotta games being played this year with the limited tag availability.

The party hunting/cross tagging stories I have heard over the last few weeks is just sickening how people stretch the limits.

I talked with our CO and I quote "borrowing/lending of deer licenses was the most popular ticketed violation this season"....

I am sure plenty dont have any licenses as well.
I am a bit pi$$ed about the situation in the northern buck only counties in WI.:mad: Buck only is buck only. Not buck only, but we will allow hundreds of antlerless to be harvested. If the youths and disabled hunters want to shoot an antlerless deer they should only be allowed to do it during the youth or disabled hunting seasons, that is what those seasons are set up for. Everyone should have to harvest bucks only during the regular gun season. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! The DNR reps will be getting an earful about this from me at the next CDAC meeting, even though it has nothing to do with the counties I hunt in. It will also be a primary topic in my comments section of the CDAC Preliminary Recommendations Online Survey. The last day to do the survey is the 5th, so anyone that hasn't taken the survey should get on it soon, myself included:oops: I guess!
Not to turn this into a party hunting topic, but violations in general....

A friend of mine(We shall call him John Doe) shot a doe opening archery weekend..... I never really got the jist if he was hunting with either or both of his 2 sons that weekend.
Fast forward to last week and he shot a 2.5 year old buck.... Ok,,,,, how is this all shaking out I thought to myself. He was hunting alone....

Another friend of mine(we shall call Joe Police) texted me yesterday asking WTF is John Doe doing?? I had no frickin clue what was going on.... Apparently John Doe was posting on Facebook about Big Daddy was still running around and he had seen him a couple nights ago but too far away....

Joe Police posted a comment on Facebook stating how party hunting/cross tagging in MN works and that based on the posts that John Doe was blabbering to the world, there was a clear situation of cheating going on.....

John Doe as of this morning said that his deer hunting season was over..... Too much going on, too cold to hunt, enough deer in the freezer......etc, etc...

pretty bright for someone to brag on Facebook about the deer they are shooting and putting themselves right into the crosshairs..... Not very bright, and sadly this crap is happening way more than our DNR wants to even know.....
Here are 2 more I know about this year.

Coworker/friends bro in law lives in the Sandstone area. He was down visiting my coworker/friend before Thanksgiving and openly said that he had shot a deer before gun season with a gun AND no license of any kind on his land right in his "front yard". He lives out in the sticks and doesnt do much other than leech off the system.....

My taxidermist owns a hunting camp in the Mille Lacs area. A person showed up in camp this year with 2 extra licenses that his friends bought for him to take to camp..... My taxidermist friend was not involved and did put a stop to it.... but the fact that someone thought they could do that is unreal.....

You may ask why the hell I am not calling TIP??? I have been a part of a TIP call and when you call in on someone you know or is in the chain of who you know..... Things get very interesting very quickly.... I do not want to get my friends in a battle... I would rather they handle the situations as they see fit, rather than me creating a tough situation for them potentially.... really sux....
Heard a second hand story of a local hunter shooting 4 bucks in the first 15 minutes of season. The group had 7 bucks down by 7:30. Legal or not, I do not know, but I wish people would grow up.
The landowner shot the first 4 and was party hunting. Just wait, He will complain about no bucks and poor herd balance by next year.
Exactly why I now steer clear of TIP if its anyone in the chain that I know........ If I see someone screwing off and I have no clue who they are, I have no problem.

I called TIP on 2 different situations where I observed things that were wrong and both ended up in tickets and forfeiture of equipment. I didnt know them and they didnt know me.
Ego causes people to do dumb things. For some that shine of any spotlight or attention is what it's all about.
So how does calling into TIP in MN work? I just saw something on facebook this morning that made me think of it. It showed up on my news feed due to some friends commenting/liking a post that a guy and his dad shot a 11 and a 8 pt during muzzleloader. I do not know the guy it just showed up due to the mutual friends. The end of his post said "all over with now, unless anybody needs me to fill a tag for them". May have just been a joke, but I clicked on his profile and on Dec 2 he shot a doe with muzzleloader and during firearms he shot a buck as well. Maybe it's legal party hunting. Probably not worth it to call in, small chance a guy would admit to a CO that he filled someone's tag who wasn't hunting with them.
You should phone in every violation and let the law take it from there. Its how almost every one of these guys gets caught. Turning the blind eye won't create change.
Good for you NoFo! :cool: I'm not sure how much good it will do, but I will be doing the very same thing. I wish they would have the numbers broke down between Forest Zone and Farmland Zone for the "split" counties. I would like to see how many antlerless were killed in the Forest Zone of Juneau Co vs. the 500 tags that were issued. Since part of it is Farmland Zone with a free antlerless tag per hunter, the numbers they have posted don't help much, but I'm betting the house that the Forest Zone harvest was quite a few more than the 500 tags that were issued.