Minnesota Turkey Success

Steve Oehlenschlager

5 year old buck +
We had two people with licenses this weekend. Sat was perfect and called in a Mature Tom for my nephew that came from over 1/2 mile away after sitting for only 40 minutes. My dad called in 2 Toms in at 10 yds for a an easy shot. All done in less than 2 hours. Why can't it always be that easy? My bow season starts soon. Hope it continues. I found over 15 dead turkey carcasses in only an hour of looking. Granted the vast majority of the turkeys in our area winter on our land because it contains the only food around, but it has never been this high.


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Congrats on turkeys. I found a few dead turkeys on our land also. It was a tuff winter.
wow thats some great turkey hunting! i love the difference in coloration of the fans!
Congratulations! - Thanks for sharing the photo's!! Last weekend I heard a WI Game Warden discuss the winter turkey kill in northern WI. He indicated there were a number of reported sightings of group kills below a roosting tree where the turkeys froze over night in the subzero temp.
Great pictures and a great hunt!