Minnesota Hunters-Let's vote on this one


5 year old buck +
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Here is a picture taken during mid morning of a browse line in Minnesota. If you look closely, you will see a deer in the picture.

Questions-Is this picture taken in

1. an area with too many deer according to our DNR manager that needs 5 doe tags and an Early Antlerless season


2.an area with a lottery system for doe tags?
Not pastured, Stu-You have seen this field.
The correct answer is #2. Otherwise you would not see a deer. :oops:
The correct answer is #2. Otherwise you would not see a deer. :oops:
Is the deer standing or jumping? If its standing, then the browse line is far from "severe" IMHO. I'm assuming this up north where we grouse hunted? Given the snow pack in that area (and the short growing season), that browse line could easily be twice as high.

I get your point though Art...no browse lines around your place (except where cattle are pastured)

Not where we grouse hunted, but in my corner of zone 1 where I grew up. About 15 miles north of foggy.
This field has alfalfa on it. Probably the only alfalfa field for two miles or so and then another two miles to the next hay field. Same beef farmer operates these fields and he limes them. These fields are a major attraction for deer in zone 1.

Good point about how severe some browse lines can be.