Mid-woods rumble


5 year old buck +
So I pulled this card today and got a pretty cool sequence of pics. I got three bear in the first and then it looks like the cinnamon is getting chased around and finally got this after all the disagreement.
EK000067 - Copy (800x600).jpg EK000068 - Copy (800x600).jpg
Very interesting. Thank you for posting.

Is it mating time or is it past?
Cool Pic's. Nothing you would want to be in the middle of.
Cool pic. My money is on the left.
Mine too, I believe that cinnamon was a cub last year. They get big in a hurry
We need some punch lines for this...

"Say Honey, let me show you my berry patch!"
that is really awesome. Scoot
Wow - glad I didn't get that pic.:)