Mathews "No Cam" Bow



Intial Thoughts? Anyone see or shoot one yet?

I bet it's smooth drawing
I have been shooting no cam bows for years! Get you some.
That is one ugly looking bow! Needs a seat and pedals and you could ride it
Uh, just because they're not eccentric, doesn't mean they're not cams. Leave it to Matthews to come up with some BS marketing. :rolleyes:
That's some pretty sweet 1966 technology right there!
I remember the debates well back in the 70's and 80's . Smooth (wheels) vs power(cams) Old ideas.
I know nothing about this bow but, with todays technology I assume there will be a niche for it.
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I have been shooting no cam bows for years! Get you some.
Pretty cool Brooks. I have a Bear longbow I got a few years back but I've never had the balls to hunt deer with it. Maybe some day when I can target a doe again.
I thought the same thing as Timber did - just because they are not true cams, they are simply eccentric wheels which is a blurred line with a "cam" - somebody is marketing a technicality. Sort of surprising from Matthews - sounds more like something a lesser company would try. They will put it in the hands of some pros on TV and magazines and they will sell like crazy - the market place is full of those that have to have the latest and greatest - even if it truly isn't the latest and greatest. Marketing - sells - period. Especially in our society of sheep. Maybe it will be sold with a free roll-out food plot as well!!!!!