Less common deer apple trees


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I asked this question on some other forums and didn't get a lot of answers. What are some good apple trees to plant for deer besides the Liberty, Enterprise, Freedom, Goldrush, Galarina, Wolf River common answers. I'm looking for less fussy, disease-resistant types that don't require babying. The camp property is in northern Pa. We have a good selection of crabapples already - Chestnut, Dolgo, Centennial, All- Winter- Hangover, Trailman apple/crabHyslop, Whitney. We also have the above mentioned apple trees. Trying to add variety. They'll be mainly for the deer, but the guys will probably pick a few, too. I'm looking for suggestions from guys that have experience with the varieties that they recommend. If you guys have grown them, you know how the trees behave. Thanks in advance.
Honeygold, Northwest Greening, Florina Q, Pristine.
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Williams Pride (early, but disease resistant), Virginia (Hewes) Crab, Arkansas Black (or maybe Black Oxford depending on zone)
I just planted a Trailman. Has you tree had any apples and what can you tell me about them?

I also planted a violi's hanging crab and a winter redflesh.
I think any apple is a good deer apple however I think you need to find the apple that is right for your area with the potential diseases that may be prevalent in your area. I think deer will eat any apple. I have over 50 varieties of apples and 10 different pear varieties and I don't think the deer will ignore any one of them including their buds and leaves LOL
x2 to what Aero said. I really think any of the disease resistant varieties make things much easier, with Liberty and Enterprise right at the top for easy training, there is nothing as easy to grow for big apples then them. Though, so long s I have 3-5 varieties that drop at different times, that's all I want. I don't worry about keeping up with the Jones's with dozens different varieties for deer.
I have been getting mostly late season apples because in the months of August and September there are so many other food sources that a lot of early apples are wasted and rot as opposed to later when cooler and they can sit on the ground longer due to the lower temps
You make a good point, George. I am just hooked on this apple thing and always want to try a different crab apple. I might get into the apple wine or cider in a few years. For some reason the crab apples appeal to me more than regular apples. Better flavor, I think.
Bur - I just planted the Trailman apple/crab 2 weeks ago. No prior experience, just info from St. Lawrence Nursery. I've been reading about Florina Q. , Haralson, Ark. Black, Black Oxford, Nova Spy, Nova-Easy-Grow, & Redwell. Not really trying to " out-do " anyone, just trying to add a little variety for pollinizing & avoiding a total wipeout if a disease comes thru. Plus looking at drop times. I agree with Aero about " too-early " apples. We have fields of clover, chicory, buckwheat, etc. that keep the deer & turkeys fed early in the fall. We also have a couple old apple trees of unknown variety that hold apples until late Oct. Our camp is in the process of building up our apple/crabapple/pear plantings for the future. We started with about 6 crabapples ( un-named var. ) 17-18 yrs. ago. Hindsight 20/20 - we should've kept planting then. Been playing catch-up the last 3 yrs.!!! Thanks guys. Any & all info is welcomed. Fairly new to the grafted-apple thing.
Art to each his own, people can plant what they want, but I just wanted to point out to the op that some trees have been suggested for good reason. If he wants easy those disease resistant ones are easy, and actually many of your crabs are real easy too. If one has the bug to grow some for sale , home use, or making cider or wine, well that's another ballgame. I just think there has been a bit of," let's keep up with the Jones's", going on with people suggesting they ordered and planted umpteen million varieties, but again to each his own.
Thanks, George. I am trying the Liberty and Enterprise. I like easy! Also have a Nova Easy Gro in the ground this spring.

I am also interested in what crabs would do better further north in our state.

I might be pushing the limits for Liberty and Enterprise where I live in central Minnesota.
Love that pic in your avatar Art, what are they?