Just wonderful



So I took off of work Friday and scheduled my apple tree pick up for that morning and behold on Thursday they are predicting between 0.75"-1.25" of rain. And I am in clay. Just great.
Like here are is how some of my trails look in the middle of summer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I didn't need this rain.

I feel your pain, my dad lives in Oconto County and has 80 acres of Cedar Swamp. If it even looks like rain we get nothing done over there.
I feel your pain. My 80 is mostly clay as well. Hard as a rock when it's dry and slippery as heck when it rains. Makes planting trees a real chore.
I feel your pain...been there!


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Nevermind anyway. My youngest is really sick and had to cancel. Hopefully the nursery understands. I'll have to put them in next weekend