John Deere 290 planter


5 year old buck +
I heard a guy can actually use a bigger 4 wheeler to plant with one of these. Does anyone have any experience running one? Are parts still available? Can they be pretty trouble free? I am thinking it might be something I buy all fixed up vs buying one that needs work. I have a tractor to pull it, but I wouldn't mind borrowing it out to a neighbor if it gets them excited about food plots.
Very simple to pull with an atv.

Parts should be readily available for a lot of it. Parts of the 490 planter also work on the 290.

We have one now. Works fantastic. Dependibility is a big question mark. You are talking about a planter that's 50+ years old.
We have had no serious problems. I broke a bracket on ours and found a replacement for $10 for the piece.

We now have a Flex 71 so the 290 is a backup planter I guess.
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