Iron/Clay peas


Yearling... With promise
What can I plant with them that will give them a little cover until they can get going. I have some millet and thought about mixing it about 50/50 with the ICP`s. Thoughts?
The millet may be an ok option, it will give the peas something to climb on. I would mix it about 70 ICP's / 30 millet, though.
I do Oats and Peas. Tryin AWP this year. Not planting them until July though
Not sure where you are getting your IC peas from, but just noticed hancock has them for 39 bucks for 50 lb, inoculate extra.

I am trying to convince myself to open up another spot, and toss them in with sunflowers, a bag of feed corn, and the ic peas.
Just a note to those who are planting cowpeas this spring, I have recently read some research trials that show the Red Ripper variety is more drought tolerant and do better on sandy soils than Iron and Clay.