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so I’ve been planting annual plots for a few years. The mixes have been winter peas, oats and rye. I noticed based off of trail camera data that the first 3-4 weeks of the plot when planted have been hot for activity. Then there is slow down for about 4 weeks and then once rut starts deer are in them for the remainder of the year. I’m losing a window of attraction there.

Essentially sept is great, the back half of oct is starts to get good and then November and December draw pretty well. My theory on this is that peas and early oats/rye growth are the draws early and then once the plants put on some growth, deer move off of them until they are forced back onto it after other available forage is gone.

My thoughts going into this year are to try something different. I’m thinking an early august planting of peas, frosty berseem and fixation clover. Then in the middle of of sept drop rye onto it. My hope is that the peas draw early, clover keeps them around (in my dry window) until the rye is most attractive In November once all major vegetation is gone.

Anyone try this before? Or have any recommendations with the seeds chosen or suggestions for others? The plot will mostly be annual clover. These are small 1/4 acre plots and brassica doesn’t do will in them do to water and shade spots.

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Try some biennial Mammoth Red and Medium Red from Merit in Ohio (not affiliated with them just use their stuff). I have yet to plant these in any of the 3 locations that I work in where it has not done very well. Both grow and establish very fast. I did almost the same thing you are planning but without the peas and I added alsike and aberlasting clover (perennials) and I used winter wheat and winter rye instead of the oats (which I found die very quickly with the cold). One thing that really helped was at least doubling the rate for the fall planting (I didn't do a soil test so I had no idea what would work) I did have brassicas in my plot with the clover but the clover is doing just fine underneath (even now). I planted my rye/WW about 3-4 weeks after the clover/brassicas and it worked really well and has consistently held deer from September till now. I even had as many as 10-12 deer in the 1/2 acre plot during the coldest weather.
Clovers, brassica and rye not long after planting-mid-September
Yesterday with WR/WW and clover still evident.


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I wouldn't reinvent the wheel. You have a great foundation there, I would just add to it. I did your exact mix but also added radishes to it. I did not notice any dropoff of use throughout the season. You can also add red clover as Derek above suggests, it's quick to get going.. As is berseem.

Then you'll have winter rye, oats, AWP, radishes and red clover. Oh wait - That's the exact mix that some guy named Dbltree / Lickreek recommended years ago for complete fall thru winter use.. Try it, you won't be dissapointed. I have 10-15 deer in my main field daily from September to February..

Winter rye 50-80#'s per acre (56#'s = a bushel)
Spring oats 50-120#'s per acre (32#'s = a bushel)
Frostmaster Winter Peas or 4010/6040 Forage peas 20-80#'s per acre
Red Clover 8-12#'s per acre or white clover at 6#'s per acre
Groundhog Forage Radish 5#'s per acre

Taken Jan 1, mix above less the clover, staying well mowed..

Jan 1.jpg
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