Ice and Snow Damage

Jeff Crawford

Buck Fawn
It's been a lousy fall! First I had a bear in the apples, now we just had 12" plus of snow along with 50 mph winds on the coast of Maine. A number of my apples (most are 3-4 years) sustained damage ranging from broken limbs to complete loss. I know how to deal with the limbs, but I have several trees with broken tops (3-4' broke off). Should I just prune back to a side branch and (try to) retrain a new leader next year?
Make a beveled cut above the best remaining limb and see if the tree doesnt push a couple new limbs from the cut area. It will be easier to train new growth as opposed to repurposing an older limb that has hardened off already. Sorry for your setbacks, nature can be a bi$&;!