I didn't get a chance to get in the stand this afternoon


5 year old buck +
Because I killed a pretty nice buck on my walk towards the stand! After walking back with my son to the back door of his stand, I made my slow walk over towards mine. On my way there, lo and behold, there stood a nice one. I had the wind in my favor and he never knew I was there. Its pretty thick stuff. One shot with my 12ga and he never took another step.

His rack is pretty unique. The right antler is a wide blade that forks at the end. It is probably 3 inches wide and hefty. His left side is a typical 4 points with real good mass. If the right side would have matched the left, I'm guessing he would have made high 130s, perhaps 140. I'm having trouble getting the pics to send from my cell phone, I'll post them as soon as I figure it out. Sorry for the tease! Haha!

Very nice Trent! Neat looking buck!
that is unique!
Nice one....congrats!
I like that one,

Did he have a body injury on one side?
I love bucks like that. Congrats.
Looks old, awesome buck
Awesome buck!
Great Mass.
I love those unique racks, congratulations!
Thanks everyone! I want to apologize for the crappy cell phone pics. Photos are always just an afterthought for us. A buddy and I are going to clean off the scull for a euro mount on Saturday. I'll get some decent pics then.
Very nice. Congrats.
Nothing like success on an easy hunt. Congrats.
Very unique buck! Nice job.
That's some mass! Nice job - very unique.
OK, I was going back looking at some other pics we took. These 2 show the right side in more detail. That right side actually has 4 points. I guess one of those 2 brow tines was meant to be the G2?

He was not injured in an obvious way (to me), perhaps he was hurt when he was younger? I don't really know how that works. I don't run cameras or shed hunt very much, so I don't have any history on him.


Wow! Big-time mass. Congrats! What's in the soil there ( loc. ) that grows 'em that heavy? Must be eatin' well!!!
That is one of the coolest racks I have seen in a while.
Most likely a cranial abscess. I'll bet when he shed that right side in the past he had a good chunk of his skull with it. That buck is awesome! Congrats!