Hunters, hunters, hunters!



I just didn't feel like hunting this morning, so I went for a drive around central wi. Wow, I have never seen so many vehicles in the woods. It's almost like opening Sunday or gun season.
I'm not sure what it is, crossbow, all these guys pounding there leases, or what? I can't even imagine what the hunter density, buck I can't see it getting much higher than my area of central wi. Unreal, I'm sure walker and the dnr are really happy with their license sale. Anyone know what they are now?
The disappointing thing is 95% of them are happy with a 80" buck. Just gotta continue to make your property better, in the hopes big boy uses your land.
I think I could count the number of bowhunter vehicles I've seen around here on one hand.
That would be my experiences, also and I am talking about all of bow season. It is pitiful to have an almost 600 acre state wildlife area and see no one hunting it. No reason to hunt it since there are so few deer. I hunted another public area the last two days and heard or saw no bow hunters. Last year, I had hunters on both sides of me.

I don't think the crossbow season has made any significant difference in my parts of the state.
I wish that's what we had. Hunting is way too popular in my area. I still can't understand how bucks can make it a couple years.