How would you hunt this land?



I have picked up permission to hunt this 20 acres of woods near where I work. It is all private land around. It is a very high AG area and this is pretty much the biggest block of woods within miles. I have some pictures of good bucks. This year it is corn all the way around. Currently all corn is down except for the west (left) side of the property which is all standing yet. Since prevailing winds seem to be West and North I find this property tough to hunt. My access is down the driveway to the house. I can park by the tower and access the woods there and have done that. Looking for that south or east wind but then how do I stay downwind of a traveling deer?

Look closely there are two main walking trails. One coming from the house going south. The other making a loop from the driveway.

Obviously I have an inside corner going on the right side of the property. Access with the right wind is tough though.

Also, I suspect the neighbors are hunting their little strip of edge woods on the right side of this land. I don't know if it is hunting for bow or gun.
It is pretty windy on this land often because it is on top of the hill. Because of this lots of trees go down and it is a thick nasty mess. Which is good. But hard to predict natural travel routes. I have no idea where they are bedding. The tree area to the east looks like potential bedding with grown up grasses and pines.
If I go in for an evening hunt I have to be careful not to bump the deer off the property.
Any suggestions as I have sat three times out there and have not seen a deer. I know they are there. At least at times.

Stand locations? Strategies? Only hunt mornings? Walk the entire perimeter to access the other side with a north wind and get into that corner?




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I don't know a whole lot about hunting in high ag areas but to start I would sneak from the house SE into the woods and locate a heavy travel corridor within 100 yards or so. That would place you pretty much in the center of the property without disturbing much. Do this early in the morning, still dark out, and wait for them to walk past you.