How close


5 year old buck +
I'm new to apple trees. Next spring I plan to plant 10-12 crab & apple trees in a section of my plot. I'm thinking to keep them about 10'-15' apart in 2 rows. Should I be closer, farther or maybe go 3 rows. I figure I would fence them all in together. This fall I plan to plant rye & clover where the trees will be. Thought?? Thanks
It'll depend on what rootstock you're using. b.118? If so, you'll want closer to 20' spacing.
In the words of Ben Hooper for B.118 rootstock....


B 118 came out 14 feet between trees minimum spacing, 26 feet between rows minimum.

I used M111 as a comparable vigor rootstock."
Ed thanks for the link.
L2L, I'm not sure what the root stock will be yet.