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Our two HD's just went to 75% off all nursery stock. A series of bad weather weekends have left them loaded with inventory. I am on my way over to help them out with their dogwoods and crab apples.
I scored 9 various crab apples 10-12' tall and two dog woods. image.jpgDug a hole...
image.jpg Covered them up. I will move them up to my camp in the spring. I had 100% survival using this method last year. With any luck by next winter these crabs will be out of reach even with a 5' snow pack.
Thief! Congrats.
Several MN stores got burnt on fruit trees a couple years ago and didn't order nearly as many this year. They were gone by July from what I saw.
Most of the big box stores locally have cut way back on nursery stock. They can and will order stuff for you, but the local Lowe's. for example, had a total of 18 fruit and nut trees this year. That is about 1/4 of what they normally get in. The manager told me he has been trying to get them to just plain quit carrying them. He says they lose money on them every year.
Good buy, Just move then where you want them next spring.
Good find Chummer, good luck with them.
What good are Flowering crabs?? Small fruit (almost berries) for grouse? Guess you could graft 'em.
I am hoping they will help with pollination. I have no winter food source so the longer they hang the better. I think the deer will prefer them over the sticks they normally eat from December to April. All the trees were loaded with apples and some of them were .5-.75" in diameter. We also have a lot of grouse so if all else fails they will eat them.
X2 with Stu. Deer, grouse, and turkeys eat 'em at my camp. No probs.
This is a picture of a flowering crab from a few years ago.
IMG_7792 2.jpg